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Budget 2018: Labour urges Hammond to 'stump up cash'

Labour is calling for concrete action by the chancellor in Monday's Budget to end austerity not just "financial conjuring tricks" and "vague promises".
Philip Hammond must "stump up the cash" for schools, councils and social care, shadow chancellor John McDonnell said.
Theresa May has pledged that almost a decade of budget cuts, pay restraint and benefit freezes are nearing an end.
Labour says that £30bn in extra spending would be required by 2023 to make this a reality.
Recent figures showing government borrowing in September was at its lowest level since 2007 has, economists say, given the chancellor greater room for manoeuvre in Monday's statement.
In her Tory conference speech earlier this month, the prime minister signalled the improving state of the public finances could see increased support for public services in next year's Spending Review.
People needed to know the sacrifices they had made since 2010 had paid off, she said. Ministers have already promised the health service an extra £20bn by 2023.