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UK retail sales rise in September

UK retail sales grew for the 29th month in September, but the figures were flattered by technical factors.
Sales in the month grew 6.5% from the same month of 2014, the Office for National Statistics (ONS) estimated.
But the period covered was actually 30 August to 3 October, which means it includes the bank holiday weekend at the end of August and the back-to-school shopping done then.
September 2014 figures did not include the bank holiday weekend.
The bank holiday applied in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.
Retailers report their sales on a weekly basis from Sunday to Saturday, which means that monthly figures do not necessarily cover the whole of a calendar month.
Instead, a quarter will be made up of two four-week periods and a five week period.
This is only particularly important when key shopping days such as bank holidays officially fall in different months from year to year, which makes comparisons difficult.
The quantity bought in the retail industry grew 1.9% last month compared with August.
Average shop prices including petrol stations were 3.6% lower in September than they had been a year earlier.